How To Make a WordPress Website For Beginners 2018 | Responsive Web Design Web development Tutorial

Our how to make a WordPress website for beginners 2018 course covers all the steps needed to create your own WordPress website from start to finish. This includes the steps for determining a good WordPress web host, purchasing WordPress web hosting, installing WordPress for free, installing themes and plug-ins for your WordPress for free, and then step-by-step walking you through everything you’ll need to know to create your website from start to finish.

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What’s nice is that you will be able to build our fully responsive sample site,, in a little less than two hours of web development time. Then you are ready to start building your own WordPress website where the only thing you’ll have to invest is your time and the hosting is going to run anywhere from maybe – per a month. Call this WordPress for Dummies if you like, but when you see the results you can create yourself, you will see who the real dummies are. 🙂

While building our sample site, we’ll learn how to build a logo online so you won’t have to buy any software, we’ll learn how to create a menu bar, and we’ll learn how to do pull downs in a menu bar. Then we’ll learn how to make a meta slider of images, in this case it’s some images that are glowing in and out. We’ll also learn how to make call-to-action areas, we’ll learn how to make a photo gallery, we’ll then learn how to add social media to the bottom of every page. Next we’ll build all the interior pages starting with an about us. We’ll learn how to add links to a page as well as graphics and then we’ll build a courses page which will have the courses with drill downs and then inside of each of the courses page will learn how to add YouTube videos to the page. Then we’ll build a testimonials page where we’ll learn how to do fancy little boxes around each of the testimonials. On the donations page we’ll learn how to make a donation button, add more graphics, and more links. Finally on the contact us page we’ll learn how to build a fully functional Contact Us page including a message area that will send an email to you or anybody you choose. Also it’ll have a functional google map that will allow us to zoom in zoom out and left and right. You’ll then be able to use any combination of these new skills in your current and future projects.

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Questions? Comments? Please leave them below, we would love to here from you.

How To Make a WordPress Website For Beginners 2018 | Responsive Web Design Web development Tutorial

One Day in the Life of a Web Designer

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One Day in the Life of a Web Designer

Graphic Design vs. Web Design In this video I outline the differences between a graphic designer and a web designer.


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Graphic Design vs. Web Design

I drive through Charlotte, NC USA downtown

I drive through Charlotte, NC USA downtown… not far from home, but requires driving…. It’s a virtual tour of driving down one of the main roads…. It’s not Manhattan for sure, but it’s better than Tampa… or Branson. LOL!

Note: I am from New York City, but have not been back in a while. I LOVE architecture and engineering… sort of like the character Howard Roarke in Ayn Rand’s book, “The Fountainhead” – set in the 1920s boom…. Now we call it autism instead of genius.

This is a service I provide to my friends, as well as anyone else on the Web right now, at no charge, and I encourage those who are interested to subscribe to my news feed, as this is a one-of-a-kind channel – you never know what you will find. And by that, I don’t mean something like, “If you walked into (a hardware store, perhaps?) blindfolded and (with a team to make sure you do not hurt yourself; lol) – you never know what you might walk out the doors with!”

Not here. I cover almost EVERYTHING from daily life and petty nuisances to serious, worldwide global issues. My writing technique is a work of art I have developed over the years and decades intentionally, for these very reasons: 1. Without these skills, you will have no audience. And a writer/publisher with no audience has not accomplished his or her goals whatsoever. 2. Delivering the Message. If I can hold your attention just long enough, you might – especially if you help me out by leaving feedback and comments, including criticism (as long as it is not insulting or uncouth) – I am open to all of that.

I strongly believe that we can turn this world around, rather than merely complaining about it, as they do on TV. I’m not talking about any violence by that; I simply mean to say that with a non-ultra-competitive nature being replaced by a CO-OPERATIVE nature, if it could be implemented – though certainly not by force – the point is, to PREVENT the OTHERWISE INEVITABLE abuse of human rights and dignity. We’ve seen it before, and it happens to the innocent people just like it happens to the guilty parties.

I simply have the objective to avoid more war. I completely understand that a preemptive defense strike, ironic though it may sound, with today’s technology, it really makes even more sense now than it has in the past.

Snowden supposedly blew the lid off this thing. Are you SURE? Do you know him personally? The same goes for this Greenwald or whatever his handler’s name is.

Regardless, I have never seen so many geopolitical GAMES being played all at the same time, by those in government, while MILLIONS of innocent children and their families suffer in pain due to malnutrition, starvation, drinking contaminated water, or simply having nothing at all. That is, if they haven’t been skewered by their once normal and peaceful, productive neighbor on the way to the Red Cross trucks that came to deliver food and water – unfortunately, not ENOUGH food and water to service EVERYONE, which CASCADES into a total BREAKDOWN of the very bonds of human civility, almost down to the atomic and subatomic levels – it is a force that must be reckoned with and dealt with – it is one thing for people to see a fancy house or apartment or building and say ooh I wish I had that.

But when it comes to having no water or food for your children, the human reaction is EXTREMELY different, and has NOTHING to do with jealousy, as some might claim (and even do, today).


Copyright (C) 2014 Brendon P. Tristal


Unless otherwise specified, or unless I mistakenly violate copyright laws (I am not a lawyer – though I would cooperate in resolving such issues voluntarily, if brought forth, unless I feel certain that I am NOT in violation)

I drive through Charlotte, NC USA downtown

How to become a web designer (moving from print) | CharliMarieTV

A few years ago I made the move from being a print designer, to being a web designer. Here’s some advice if you want to do that same! Please remember to subscribe

I’m lucky enough to do both print and web design in my job, and i enjoy them both! But web design is my favourite type of design for sure. I had a request to talk about how I made the move from being a print-based graphic designer to being a web designer, and I hope this video will give you some advice to make the move yourself if that’s something you’re interested in. 🙂

Leave comments down below with any other design video requests you may have! these are my favourite kinds of videos to film at the moment.

Jessica Hische’s ‘Don’t Fear The Internet’:



Hello there! I’m Charli and I’m a web and graphic designer from New Zealand currently living in London and posting videos every Saturday about design, fashion/beauty and DIYs here on CharliMarieTV. Please subscribe and say hi in the comments so we can be friends 🙂



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How to become a web designer (moving from print) | CharliMarieTV